Bob-The Fun Broker

Bob - The Fun Broker

Bob has done that!

Bob Bell, the Fun Broker, created a dream board over 25 years ago. On that board, which still hangs on his walls, is the dream to enjoy the outdoors and provide the ultimate fun for his family, friends and anyone who comes into contact with Bob.

Needless to say when Austin brought an idea to him, Bob's eyes widen with excitement. At that point, the "Fun Broker" position was officially created. Ideas began to spill out of his mouth...from exploring the Appalachians mountains to an executive retreat on the Colorado River.

Bob's goals are to bring the environment and machine together to have harmonious fun. So, if you don't see an excursion on the list, just ask Bob. He can and will make it happen.

Bob and his wife, Barbara, live in Asheville, NC and have 3 cool kids (who have had a lot of fun through out the years with Bob).

Bob - The Fun Broker