TRECK OEM Spare Tire Winch Relocation Mount (Gladiator ONLY)

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TRECK OEM Spare Tire Winch Relocation Mount (Gladiator ONLY) - Texture Black 2020 JEEP JTSport JTOverland JTRubicon

520BRS-STM : OEM Spare Tire Winch Relocation Mount (JT Gladiator)

Features & Benefits:

 Designed for 2020 Jeep Gladiator JT. (500BRS52B Rack)

  • 11-gauge thick, laser cut steel relocation mount.
  • Relocates factory spare tire winch onto bed rack system.
  • Makes replacing your spare tire simple and stress free during Overlanding adventures.
  • Stainless steel mounting hardware.
  • 5 stage - black textured powder coated.

 All available accessories currently available for TRECK system listed below:

 500BRS-BRKTKIT : Drill-less rack base mounting bracket kit (Mid-Size Trucks)

  • 500BRS-HLM : HiLift Jack Brackets (Pair)
  • 500BRS-TBB : Traction Board Brackets (Pair)
  • 500BRS-SMK-415 : Dual Lower 5Ft. Accessory Rail Mounts (Pair)
  • 500BRS-TLMK-415 : Dual Upper 5Ft. Accessory Rail & 5-Light Mounts (Pair)
  • 500BRS-PAK-415 : 5ft. Multi-Pack Side Rail Accessory Mount (Pair)
  • 500BRS-BOM : Brushed Stainless Steel Bottle Opener
  • 500BRS-CLM : HD Single Light or Speaker Mount
  • 500BRS-RGK : Rear Ratchet Strap and Vertical Support Mount (Pair)
  • 520BRS-STM : OEM Spare Tire Winch Relocation Mount (For JT Gladiator ONLY)
  • 500BRS-BBM : Exterior Bike Side Mounts (Sold in Pairs)
  • 500BRS-ABM : Awning Bracket Mounts (Sold in Pairs)
  • 500BRS-TONBKT : Tonneau cover rack base relocation bracket kit (Soft Roll Covers)
  • 500BRS-PTBKT : POWER TANKS Mounting Bracket(s)
  • 500BRS-QFB : “Quick Fist Clamp” Shovel / Axe / HiLift Brackets (Sold in Pairs)